(SPRINGFIELD) California vehicle emissions standards may be coming to the Land of Lincoln if a Chicago and other upstate lawmakers get their way. Introduced in Springfield last week, House Bill 1634 would seek to have Illinois adopt the standards of California that would basically reduce the use of diesel-and-gas-powered trucks. In reponse, the Illinois Trucking Association says it will sue the state if the bill moves into law. Recent numbers show a new electric semi-truck would cost about $480,000 compared to a diesel-powered equivalente that’s roughly $200,000, not to mention electric truck chargers that cost about $112,o00 additionally. Stats show it would take 34% more electric trucks to deliver the same amount of goods that the trucking industry uses now. It’s also noted that the Illinois trucking industry delivers 95% of the manufactured freight throughout the State of Illinois.

(SPRINGFIELD) The League of Women Voters of Illinois has issued a statement saying it strongly supports an independent Legislative Inspector General in the State of Illinois and to accomplish that, existing law must be amended. One of the provisions the LWVL is in favor of is that the LIG should not report solely to the General Assembly or other political figures that may be the subject of a potential investigation. Passing reforms in both the State House and Senate is essential to restoring public faith in state government.

(SPRINGFIELD) A northern Illinois Native American group says it wants its land back. The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation says the federal government seized its land near DeKalb in violation to treaties agreed to some 200 years ago. Part of the land is located within the Shabbona State Park, just west of Chicago, and a local state lawmaker has filed legislation giving Illinois the chance to transfer ownership of the park back to the Potawatomi Nation.

(SPRINGFIELD) The National Weather Service offices in Lincoln, St. Louis, and Paducah have released their schedule for this spring’s Storm Spotter Training. The classes are designed to help individuals identify features of severe storms and possible tornados, plue better understand basic radar imagery. More details are online at