(SPRINGFIELD) State Representatives are debating a huge volume of bills this week in committees because there’s a deadline approaching as some state lawmakers are upset that their measures will likely not see the light of day. From property tax relief and insurance reforms to health care initiatives and education, hundreds of measures are in the mix. This Friday is the final day for the State House to move bills out of committees for floor action.

(SPRINGFIELD) In the wake of the early release of a parolee who allegedly stabbed to death his ex-girlfriend and an 11 year old boy the day after being let out of jail, Republicans and other lawmakers are calling for changes to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, where all members were appointed by Governor J.B. Pritzker. In fact, the fatal attack occurred just hours before an order of protection hearing against the parolee was to be held, however both the Illinois Department of Corrections and the Illinois Prisoner Review Board claim they did not know about the hearing. A measure was introduced in the State Senate yesterday that would help prevent a similar tragedy, proposing that all parole board members must have 20 years experience working in the criminal justice system and undergo extensive training on the warning signs and outcomes of domestic violence.

(SPRINGFIELD) Sports betting in Illinois in January dropped a bit from the month earlier, according to the Illinois Gaming Board. The total sports betting handle in January was down just over 2% compared to December, but sportsbooks and state coffers were all up with over 5% increases across the board for revenue and taxes. Even though numbers were slightly down, Illinois sports betting totaled nearly $1.3 billion and trailed only New York and New Jersey. Illinois filled its coffers with nearly $20.3 million in tax revenue in January.